Make a Difference

In a little town 100 miles west of Minneapolis, amid the rolling hills and glistening lakes of Western Minnesota, a possibility awaits….

A future to nourish souls at the intersection of food, beer, and community. Just down the hill from main street, on the banks of the row river, Goat Ridge brewing company …a special place where art and community come together over unfiltered ales.

In a little town full of dreamers and doers 100 miles west of Minneapolis, Josh Reed and Christa Otteson, owners of Goat Ridge Farm and Brewing Company, are carving out a space for Model Citizen’s dream to grow.

Their heritage farm will host Model Citizen Youth Farm, breaking ground in March of 2018. A few miles down the road, on the banks of the Crow River in New London, construction is already underway to expand their brewery and taproom to make room for Model Citizen The Restaurant.

It is a partnership born from a shared passion for building community while serving up artistic food and beers for everybody.

It’s about unfiltered flavor, good people, and elevated experiences.

It’s about friendship, families, music, art, land, and water.

And, for us, it’s about doing it yourself…together.